Why Marie Kondo on Netflix has Everyone Tidying Up this New Year

Why Marie Kondo on Netflix has Everyone Tidying Up this New Year

The Netflix show “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” has landed and your social media newsfeed is most likely one “discard pile” image after another, and I’m here to tell you, it really is magical.

First let me take you back to my first experience with the KonMari method.

Three years ago my husband came across the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, read it, and immediately insisted I read it too because we were gonna “KonMari” the crap out of our house.

Wait, what? We were gonna WHAT?!

To say I was skeptical and not the least bit interested in reading the book is an understatement, but you guys, he was JAZZED. I don’t have any other word for the energy with which he talked about the categories, the “sparking joy” and how truly magical our lives would be if we could “tidy” together. Insert mama-sized eye roll.

Keep in mind, at the time we had a 4 year old son that we lovingly referred to as “TheBoyNado” and a 1 year old daughter who’s nickname was “Busy”. There was NO WAY this was gonna work. I mean, who WAS this lady?

I folded, not my clothes, but my resistance, and I read the book. I ended up devouring it, really, in like 2 days. A PAPER BOOK- with the two littles I am an avid Audible “reader”, but rarely swing reading paper books, for some reason when I try I’m asleep in like 3 minutes or less, true story. This was a quick read, it was concise, gave enough back story on the magical Ms. Marie to earn my trust.

One of the key elements to the “magic” is  a step by step, “do this, this way and you will succeed” formula. She had me hooked. Since my husband was already super-pumped, we decided that Friday night we were gonna get our KonMari on, and we did.

We’ll catch up to present day here in a minute and talk about the epic binge-worthiness of the Netflix show, but for now, I need to emphasize that reading the book IS WORTH IT. There are 5 categories – which she delightfully breaks down at the beginning of each episode. What you don’t get in the show, is how thoughtfully and the great detail with which she breaks down each category and the specific procedure to get you from one side of the discard pile to the other.

Here are the Marie Kondo categories in order, and the order is HIGHLY important.

  1. Clothing
  2. Books
  3. Paper
  4. Komono (miscellaneous items- kitchen, bathrooms, garage, etc)

And very strategically last:

      5. Sentimental items

Again, it is ESSENTIAL that you do these in order, the way she breaks it down in her proven system. I promise you that putting in the work to do this will pay off. I am in love with the show, but it is very much a “highlights” version of the process, so having the support of knowing each step and how-to as you go, is truly, MAGIC.