Valentine’s Day Kindness Project

Valentine’s Day Kindness Project

Brought to you in part by South Bay Credit Union

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Valentine’s Day is coming up, a day about sharing love with your family and friends.  This year, we want to also help our kids learn more about giving back and sharing kindness with our community by sending love to sick patients at our local hospitals. We are asking the families in our community to get together and make a few more Valentine’s Day Cards for these sick patients AND NEW TO THIS YEAR… create cards for our frontline healthcare workers.  

This is a project you can do with your family, friends, school, Girl/Boy Scout Troop and more!

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  1. Parents – registration here, so we can have an estimate on cards coming in.
  2. Pull together any arts & crafts supplies like construction paper, markers, crayons, stickers, stamps, etc.
  3. You can do this project on zoom with a group of friends, in a class room, with girl scouts/boy scouts, a sports team, or just at home with family.
  4. Let kids get creative.
  5. Include your child’s first name and age on the card
    IMPORTANT: Greetings should be general good wishes applicable to a diverse patient population. No religious or sectarian references. Please do not mention get-well phrases. Good examples: “Best Wishes” “Thinking of you today.” “Sending sunny wishes your way”. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”
  6. Cards don’t need to be in envelopes, but if they are, please leave them unsealed.
  7. While doing this project, have a conversation about what it means to give back and share kindness.  Here are some examples of conversation starters from Abby Withee, MFT,
    • We’re making these cards for people in the hospital who are sick.
      • How do you think it will make them feel to get a special card when they don’t feel well?
      • What would make you feel happy if you weren’t feeling well?
      • How does it make you feel to know they will feel happy/smile/etc because of the cards you made?
    • What else can we do to be kind and spread happiness?
    • Talk to your kids about bucket fillers. We all have a bucket inside of us and kind acts fill up our bucket with good feelings. We can fill our buckets by doing good things for others as well as receiving.
    • Parents, check out this post: Growing Your Heart With Gratitude by Abby Withee, MFT
  8. Deliver your cards to one of the listed South Bay Businesses listed below.

“Although we appear so connected through social media, the kind of meaningful connection we need as human beings has diminished greatly in today’s world. Research by Kristin Neff and others shows that the key to happiness is self-compassion, and self compassion comes from a combination of mindfulness and connectedness.  We need to feel connected to know we are not alone and others experience the same ups and downs that we do. So how do we increase connectedness for ourselves and our children?  Acts of kindness are a great way to start and easy for kids to understand and join in on. Doing something for another without expecting something in return is a valuable lesson for children and opens up the opportunity for conversations about gratitude, helping, and other family values you may have.  In addition, an act of kindness can give us an endorphin, the”feel good” neurotransmitters, greater than getting something. That can make kindness habit forming!” – Abby Withee, MFT,

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We’ve also partnered with South Bay Credit Union and additional local businesses in the South Bay to help us do this project.  Once you are done creating the cards, you can drop them off at any of this businesses below. During normal business hours.  All cards must be received by Monday, Feb 1, 2021. More businesses to be added soon!

South Bay Credit Union – South Redondo Branch
312 N. Pacific Coast Highway
Redondo Beach CA 90277

South Bay Credit Union – North Redondo Branch
2023 Artesia Blvd
Redondo Beach CA 90278

South Bay Credit Union – Lomita Branch
24520 Narbonne Ave
Lomita CA 90717

Bayview Pediatric Dental Group
500 S. Sepulveda Blvd Suite 301
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.
On the corner of Keats and Sepulveda, above Alyce’s Art Studio. Walk up the white ramp to the front door.
Monday-Friday 8-5
Doors are locked due to Covid, please call 310-683-5576 or knock on front door. Can also drop into mailbox slot by front door at anytime.

Coremom Fitness
312 S Catalina Ave
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Located at Beach Life Fitness Boutique
There is an outdoor dropbox by the door at the studio in the back of the building. Pull into our parking lot and look for the red canopies.

Sacks on the Beach
1611 S Catalina Ave #120,
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Sacks in the City
2512 Artesia Blvd,
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Cards will be delivered to Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance and Torrance Memorial Medical Center

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