The Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience at the Disneyland Resort

Skyline Lounge in Tomorrowland
I have always wanted to have an awesome view of the fireworks at The Disneyland Resort, but we are always so busy riding the attractions that we usually just race to wherever a spot is open five minutes before they start. When we decided to hit Disneyland to celebrate the end of another school year, though, I decided that there had to be a better way. Having just done a very cool package through the Plaza Inn where we ate a picnic lunch in the restaurant and then had reserved seats for the Pixar Play Parade, I did some investigation (googling) to see what I could find for the fireworks. My search yielded something called the Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience, which I had never heard of before, but that people online were raving about. After experiencing it for ourselves, I am going to rave about it, too.

Our experience started with check-in at 8 pm. Just a heads up, there aren’t any bathrooms in the Lounge area, so maybe hit the restrooms by Space Mountain or by the entrance to Autopia first, although you are able to come and go after you are checked in. We were given credentials, and sent up the ramp that wraps around the building (bonus leg workout). The Lounge is located outdoors on the top level of the ramp, with tables and furniture set up around the curve of the building. It’s first-come, first-serve as far as seating, but it is such a small area that there was nowhere with a blocked view. Plus, you can get up and move around, as we did when the fireworks started. Everything looks very sleek and space age-ish…exactly what you would expect from a lounge in Tomorrowland.

After we were seated, we walked over to where they were handing out food.  That’s included with your ticket. We were given a box of crackers, cheese, fruit, and FOUR Disney desserts, including the famous Strawberry Frushi (strawberries and coconut rice in the shape of sushi) from the recent Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival. Everything was absolutely delicious, although if you are super hungry and have been running around the parks all day you might want to grab a more substantial dinner first and let this be dessert. Even before the fireworks started we had the most gorgeous view: the sun setting behind the Matterhorn, and the lights of Space Mountain and all of Tomorrowland coming on.

Right after we gobbled up the last of our food, some doors next to us swung open…and MINNIE MOUSE walked out! I thought my daughter was going to pass out…she couldn’t even look at Minnie as she went in for the world’s biggest hug. Both kiddos were thrilled as they got more hugs and took pictures, and then PLUTO appeared! I don’t know if this happens every night at the Lounge…but bring your autograph book, just in case. But it got even better: The kids wandered over to a little game area that had been set up with a giant Connect Four set and a table for Jenga and started playing, and then were joined by Pluto! Pluto turned out to be a Jenga master (even with PAWS), as it was a little girl who sent the giant tower of blocks crashing to the ground in the end.

Skyline Lounge in Tomorrowland
And then…it was time for the main event! I felt like I had a seat on a cloud as we had the most perfect, unobstructed view of the fireworks that were going off over Small World. We could also see the fireworks over the castle, but didn’t have a really clear view of everything happening over there (I believe there is reserved seating available in that area). The Pixarfest Together Forever Nighttime Spectacular really IS spectacular, and as the music played and the fireworks boomed and I watched my children screaming with delight, I thought that this is something we will all remember forever.

Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience
Disneyland Park/Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA

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