South Bay Mommies & Daddies FAQ's

South Bay Mommies & Daddies FAQ’s

South Bay Mommies & Daddies FAQ's

Thank you so much for reaching out about your business.  We are honored that you look to us as a resource in our community to help create awareness for your business.  

We’ve created this FAQ to help answer your questions about various promotional opportunities available. Please note that given our limited resources and the expenses required to maintain this community resource, free opportunities are also limited. 

If you still need additional assistance or have other questions, please email us.


What is South Bay Mommies & Daddies?

South Bay Mommies & Daddies (SBMD) is a community platform for parents & family-friendly local businesses. We bring you information on Local Events, Community News, Opportunities to Give Back, What to Do/Eat/Shop & more! Our Facebook group is a place to ask questions and share your ideas and tips on all things local. It takes a village!

SBMD offers a variety of advertising opportunities including Facebook group advertising among our 6,000+ members (and growing!); website, social media and email features; digital marketing; and social media services. Read more in the FAQs below. Please email us if you would like a full media kit on advertising or our consulting services here.  

You can read more about South Bay Mommies & Daddies here.

How can I list my event? 

We are happy to list community events on our community calendar, and there are both sponsored and free options available. Please note that unless they are part of a sponsored event package, sales events such as photography sessions and “sales parties” will not be added to our calendar.  

For consideration/inclusion as a free listing in our community calendar, please create a Facebook event with all of your event details and “invite” Laura Stotland via Facebook (  Please email us for more information on sponsored events.    

How can I create a business listing?

We are so glad you asked.  Creating a business listing is an easy and inexpensive way to promote your business! Listings start at $49/year. Just fill out the form, submit payment and viola! Learn more:

How can I promote my class, event, business, etc? 

We have many different sponsorship opportunities available, starting at $149, and we can also create a custom package for you based on the opportunity you want to promote. Please email us for more information.  

How can I promote my business in your Facebook group? 

We have many different sponsorship opportunities available, starting at $149, and we can also create a custom package based on your business needs. Please email us for more information. 

I don’t see a business category for my business? 

No problem, please email us info on the type of business, so we can create a category for you. 

I’m a non-profit, how can we promote our organizations event &/or project!

Wonderful!  We love supporting non-profits and would love to know more information for consideration/inclusion.  

With such limited resources, we sadly can’t feature everyone who inquires, but will do our very best to support you. Please email us and make sure to include any important details and critical deadlines related to upcoming events, drives or programs. 

I’d love to create an event for South Bay Mommies & Daddies, how can we do that?

We have many different sponsorship opportunities available, starting at $149, and we can also create a custom package based on your interests.  Please email us for more information.  

I’m not selling anything, but want to share this opportunity/resource with this community.  How can I do that? 

If your opportunity/resource is connected to a business in any way, even if it’s a non-profit, it is considered promotion.  This includes, but is not limited to, promotion of other groups, model calls, free events or classes, samples, or solicitation for business guidance.  Please email us  and we can provide you with advertising information.

Who does South Bay Mommies and Daddies Reach?

Great question! Check out our advertising page with demographic and analytic information. 

Do you have an email list?

Yes, we do and we’d love for you to be on it!  We typically only email our database once per week, unless there is a special situation.  Click here to join our list.

Please email us for details if you’re interested in advertising to our list!

How can I get more involved in your community? 

One of the easiest ways to become more involved in our community is to join our Facebook group! We would also love for you to invite any local moms and dads you know. Every new person who joins our online Facebook community makes the group that much stronger and more valuable! 

You can join/share via this link or click on “invite friends” once you’re a member of the group:

South Bay Mommies & Daddies Facebook Group