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Strength & Grace Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

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rancho palos verdes, California 90275

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Your weight keeps you from living you best, fullest, richest life
  • You find yourself looking in the fridge when you are bored or had a rough day
  • Your clothes are too tight around your waist.
  • You wish you could eat the foods you love and not always be worried about gaining weight
  • You are constantly hungry, but not eating so you can try to lose weight
  • You think your metabolism is slow
  • You have been to the doctor but they keep telling you “nothing’s wrong with you.”
  • You just KNOW your hormones are out of whack even though everyone says they are “normal”
  • You keep losing the same 10-15 pounds just to gain it right back

Well, you are in the right place. Weight loss resistance is almost always hormonally based and not about calories in / calories out or how hard you exercise.

Once your metabolism is broken you are stuck in fat storage mode.  With our solution* you will learn how to optimize your hormones, reset your set weight and build new habits to help you lose weight and keep it off.  Our solution provides an actionable plan, with a community to support you and recipes we don’t just eat, but recipes love, and our families devour.

Accountability, weekly check-in’s, zoom meetings, customized nutrition plans, grocery lists, …it’s all included!  We can even include workout plans if you need them.  Let Corry Matthews, M.S. and Dr. Stacia Kelly help you live your best life possible with Strength & Grace.

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Phone: 703-772-7113

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