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Flower Duet’s Living Art Camp

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2675 Skypark Drive, Torrance, CA, USA
Redondo Beach, California 90505

For the summer of 2020, Flower Duet wants kids (and their parents) to learn how to make fabulous floral designs, botanical crafts and gain a few entrepreneurship skills, too! Flower Duet’s online Living Art Camp weeks will enable anyone to fill the void many summer camps left behind after being cancelled due to social-distancing guidelines.

To align with many parents’ desire to keep kids occupied over the summer with activities that are fun and educational, Flower Duet designed 12 weeks of “Living Art Camp” themes ranging from American Flowers Week to coincide with SlowFlowers.com annual celebration of American flower farmers, to Wizard Week for fans of Harry Potter. Flower Duet will be showcasing STEAM topics in every weekly camp theme.

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