Earth Day Projects & Activities for Kids

Earth Day Projects & Activities for Kids

Earth Day Projects & Activities for Kids!

Celebrating Earth Day with activities and projects is a fun way to raise kids who are not just environmentally aware, but excited to protect the Earth, to save the environment, and to make a difference! Helping the planet and giving back to Mother Earth during the month of April is a great way to teach your children that Earth day is every day! And we are making it extra fun by giving away fun prizes!

We’ve rounded up Earth Day activities and ideas for how to teach your kids to reduce, reuse, recycle, and restore. It can be so exciting for kids to learn that they’re the stewards of the trees and planets, caretakers of the species of the animal kingdom, and protectors of water and the oceans! Plus, it’s never too early to encourage helping the environment, promoting the importance of reducing your environmental footprint, learning how to take action on waste and pollution, and to keep our planet clean! Happy Earth Day!

  • Pick up trash at the beach or park
  • Collect caps for buddy Bench
  • Donate a computer/chargers to the Laptop Elf Project
  • Do an art project using recycled items
  • Collect and recycle items at your local recycling spot 
  • Gather and paint rocks
  • Pick up litter from your neighborhood (wear gloves)
  • Plant Trees or Flowers or a Vegetable Garden
  • Make a garden
  • Make Earth Day Cookies

After you complete your project, head over to our South Bay Earth Day Challenge, a contest that gives back to the planet and gives kids the chance to win fun prizes at the same time!

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