Kindness Constellation Craft Example

When you look up at the sky at night sometimes you can see stars. If you look closely, the stars can look like pictures in the sky! These beautiful stories in the sky are called constellations! You can create your very own kindness constellations that you can put in your window to share your own special message or story.

 Materials Needed: 
*At least 2 black pieces of construction paper.
*A scissors to cut the paper in half
*1-2 tooth picks
*A towel or large hand towel that you can fold in half
*A white crayon or white colored pencil

Kindness Constellation Craft Supplies

How to make a Kindness Constellation:

Step 1: Draw a kind word or a picture with a white crayon on a black piece of construction paper.

Step 2: Fold a towel in half and place your construction paper on top of your towel.

Step 3: Use your toothpick to poke holes as you follow along your kindness picture.

Step 4: Use a piece of tape to share your kindness contestation in your window!

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Adrien is a second-grade teacher at WISH Charter Elementary School. This will be her 10th year teaching second grade at WISH! She is certified in mindfulness training and that led her to create and run the after-school Kindness Club at her school. She leads a virtual kindness crafts every week with her daughter Zoe. You can see the weekly kindness activities on my Instagram page: @wishkindnessclub . It is her dream to continue to inspire others to share kindness with each other and the world.