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South Bay Mommies & Daddies is a popular community-driven platform for parents and our goal is to bring people together through conversations about topics that matter in a safe environment and provide information about what’s happening in the local area, including opportunities to give back and volunteer. The South Bay Mommies & Daddies Facebook Group serves as a forum to ask questions and share ideas and advice on all things local.

Our mission is turn neighbors into a community empowered to support each other and help others.

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Inspired by her local community, founder Laura Stotland launched South Bay Mommies and Daddies as a resource for local parents to provide information and tips to raising their family in the South Bay.

After having her first child, Laura and a small group of local South Bay moms launched a private Facebook group for local moms to ask questions and share ideas about being first time moms and raising little ones. It’s a tough job, but the group offered support and advice that helped on many sleepless nights! The once small private Facebook group turned into a community, and before you knew it, there were over 10,000 active local moms in the group asking questions, providing support, and sharing ideas!

Since this group was so successful, a second group was launched called “What’s Happening in the South Bay,” a group dedicated to sharing information about local events in the area. Today, that group has over 5,000 active members.  

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About Founder + Editor in Chief, South Bay Mommies and Daddies 

Laura Stotland is the Founder + Editor in Chief of South Bay Mommies & Daddies. Stotland, co-owner of Beachside Marketing House, is a marketing, digital and social media strategist with an extensive background in media, digital, and entertainment marketing; including the proven track record to increasing revenue, creation and execution of strategic marketing plans, and managing talent and teams. Laura gained her experience working with The Walt Disney Company, Clear Channel Radio (now iHeart Media) and The Alliance for Women in Media. Additionally, Laura has worked in social media, advancing the public awareness through the Pancreatic Cancer Network and other non-profit organizations. Above all, Laura is poised to aid businesses grow successfully in development and execution of strategic marketing plans that tap into current and future trends through traditional marketing channels, strategic use of influencer marketing, and a variety of digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Follow her @LauraStotland and @BeachsideMarketingHouse 

Looking for things to do outside of the South Bay, check out Fun Things to do for Kids, a national site for parents with a curated list of events to attend! 

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