3 Easy Steps to Simplify Your Purse!

Did you know that your purse should not exceed 10% of your body weight? As the season of shopping is upon us let’s talk about how to make your shopping adventure a little less complicated, and at the same time save your back. The organized purse! Are you tired of fumbling through your makeup, gum, and sunglasses in order to find those gift cards that you need right now? If so, read on to learn ways to effectively simplify your shopping extravaganza.

Step 1: Clean out your purse at least once a week. Remove anything you have acquired that is no longer necessary. Trash, free samples, salt packets, etc.

Step 2: Return only the essentials to your purse.

Step 3: Think of your week ahead and add any necessary items, coupons, special glasses, tickets, etc.

My favorite way to organize my purse is with a purse organizer. Everything is corralled in one place and you can easily switch it from purse to purse with little hassle. They can be found in most places. This particular one is a Purse Perfector and can be purchased in the large size for big travel organization, or unzipped for smaller purse organization. 

More ways to organize:

  • Use fun bags and cases that you can easily identify for categorized items, first-aid, makeup, kid stuff, etc.
  • Get rid of that bulky sunglass case and put your glasses in a soft glass carrier that takes up much less room.
  • Use a cute pill box or an Altoids box for your medicine.
  • Consolidate gift cards in one place or use a small file folder to organize coupons, gift card, receipts, etc.
  • A small wallet with your ID, credit card and cash works great when using a small purse.
  • Have a small bag for your earbuds to keep them tangle free and undamaged.
  • Instead of carrying EVERYTHING in your purse, stash stuff in your car. More than likely your car will be where you are and you can run back if you need to get stain remover, tweezers, eye drops, etc.

Like people, purses come in all shapes and colors. There is no purse perfect for everyone. So customize yours to fit your needs, and be on your way to similar shopping.

By combining her natural skill of organization with a Master’s Degree in Child Development and over 23 years of teaching Parent Education classes, one of Cheryl’s specialties is helping families clear the chaos! For more details, visit her website, Monkey Do Organizing!  

I am a Professional Organizer and available to help you organize most areas of your home; and more importantly, how to stay organized. No job is too difficult, and no one should ever feel embarrassed. With a Master's Degree in Child Development and 25 years of Parent Education teaching experience, my specialty is organizing families. Whether you are struggling with clutter in rooms, study areas, or getting kids to participate in clean up, I can help. My company name is my mission...Once you SEE how it is done, you will learn how to DO it! Follow my lead...and get organized!