Date Night At Home
I remember when my husband and I got married one of the most common pieces of advice we received was, “make time for date nights!” As a young married couple we had a lot of time to spend together and it happened naturally without having to “plan” for it. We heard those words of wisdom, “make time for date nights”, but those words didn’t truly register to us until we became parents. Once we became parents we quickly learned that we had to become intentional about our time together; now we have to “make time for date nights” with one another.

Date night is an arranged date and time to spend with your loved one; to reconnect with fun and romance. Date night with your significant other is a great way to invest into your marriage and spend quality time together. As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist some of the biggest challenges I hear parents share about date nights are having time and having childcare. A great date night with your significant other can require time and a babysitter. One of the most important pieces to a fun date night is trustworthy, caring, reliable babysitter that also fits into the family budget. If you’re a parent then you know that all of those pieces to a fun date night can sometimes take time to line up in our favor.

When working with my clients I like to help them learn new ways to problem solve and new ways to brainstorm to get their needs met. I get excited about helping families think outside the box and learn new ways to spend time together that is affordable, doable, and fun! I am going to share with you a few great ideas that you can use to initiate date night with your significant other without worrying about the challenges of finding a babysitter, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up!

A date night at home is a perfect example of ways to be intentional about spending time with your significant other; all while being mindful of the family budget. A date night at home does require setting a date, putting it on each other’s calendar, and getting the children to bed at a decent bedtime. Three important factors to making date night at home successful are:

1.) Commit to no interruptions during this time; so this means no phone, no social media, no working, etc.

2.) Commit to do something different from what your typical evenings at home look like together. For example, if you typically cuddle in bed and/or on the couch and watch television; then I encourage you to do something other than that for your scheduled date night at home.

3.) Commit to plan for your date night at home by getting creative, fun, and romantic with what you decide to do.

Here’s a few suggestions to get you started with brainstorming the perfect ideas for your date night at home:

  • Make s’mores by the fire place
  • Take turns giving each other a massage
  • Turn on your favorite music and have a dance party
  • Play your favorite board game and/or learn a new one together
  • Feed the kids a simple healthy dinner and order in for the two of you to eat after their bedtime
  • Order in dessert for after the kids bedtime
  • Have some after dinner snacks and wine by candlelight, etc.

The ideas are endless! A date night at home helps us move past the barriers of having a good babysitter in order to have a date night. Take some time to schedule your date night at home with your loved one and simply enjoy each other’s company!

Melissa Dumaz is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 15 years of experience in psychotherapy. She specializes in guiding clients through the complexities of overcoming emotional and physical trauma. She also helps clients of all ages deal with grief, anxiety, postpartum depression, relationship issues, parenting, transitions in life, family conflict, self-esteem and stress management.  Click here to learn more.