Valentine's Day Dates

This Valentine’s Day, venture beyond the usual restaurant routine with your partner and opt for something different this year.   Here are 5 alternatives to the typical go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Cooking Class
    What better way to add some spice than putting your heads (and hands!) together to create a tantalizing meal.  Choose a private (for just two individuals)  or small-group course. Multiple choices are available locally either in a home environment, professional cooking school environment, or specialty grocery store environment.  Students will learn about how to use new spices and herbs and learn about various cultures and customs surrounding food.

    One can transport themselves and their partner to exotic locales by creating and feasting on Moroccan, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese and Thai dishes. Additionally, get ideas for new meals to rotate into your family’s meal options.

  2. Spa Day
    Deepen your connection with your loved one at some of the most relaxing spots in the South Bay.  Choose from high-end spas with all the perks such as fresh fruit, pleasant scents, and chamomile tea or no-frills lounges which still get the relaxation job done.

    Get into a calm and tranquil state of mind with a couples’ massage, a dip into a hot tub, or an exfoliating scrub.  Alternatively, simply sit together by a pool with a beverage.

  3. Hike and picnic
    In the modern world, sometimes a breathtaking view can help remind us to step away from our phones and focus on our flesh-and-blood connections.  Find a hike with your partner where the only distractions are ocean views or mountain views and focus on being present with him or her. Yelp is an excellent resource where one can discover hikes, read about the length of each walk, and read how strenuous or mild each hike is. After the hike, sit down for a cheese and cracker picnic to reward yourselves for completing a trail and tackling a physical challenge side by side.
  4. Netflix & Chill
    Order in from your favorite restaurant and check out what’s on Netflix or rent a new movie!  Hopefully you can send the kids to their grandparents or friends house so you can have a nice cozy night in with your Valentine.
  5.  Bust out some tunes
    Create a playlist of some of your favorite songs that bring back wonderful memories.  Music from your wedding, a special date, a special occasion, or maybe just a song that has special meaning to you both.

Whether you add nature and picnics or vigorous body scrubs  to your Valentine’s rendezvous, take advantage of the many options the South Bay and LA have to offer!