Santa Claus on Sleigh with ReindeerSanta is coming to Redondo Beach.  Here’s the scheduled from Redondo Beach Police Department.:

For Santa Schedules for Manhattan Beach, Torrance, and more fun local events, CLICK HERE

If weather becomes a factor, that night’s area will be skipped, and made up at the end.

Monday 11-27-17 Route 1: Johnston and Beland, Northbound/ Between Johnston and Dow, then Gibson and159th,160th to Beland Warfield / Vail, Westbound Warfield to Aviation Blvd.

Tuesday 11-28-17 Route 2: Vail and Timothy, May and Pinckard. Triangle area south of Beland to Robinson. Barkley, Gibson, Perkins, Carlsbad… Robinson Westbound to Aviation Blvd.

Wednesday 11-29-17 Route 3: Plant and Vail, Westbound to Green, Perry Eastbound to Rindge. Ernest, West-bound to Aviation, Eastbound Farrell to Vail. Westbound on Bataan to Aviation, Eastbound on Dufour to Vail. End Vail / Warfield.

Thursday 11-30-17 Route 4: Curtis and Aviation, Eastbound on Perkins, Westbound on Gates to Aviation. Graham, Eastbound to Perkins. End at Perkins / Robinson.

Friday 12-01-17 Route 5: Aviation and Mathews, Eastbound Perkins, Westbound on Nelson. Aviation Way, Mathews to Aviation to Ruhland. Eastbound Ruhland to Perkins, Westbound on Voorhees to Aviation.

Saturday 12-02-17 Route 6: Ruxton and Rockefeller Westbound to Aviation Way. Eastbound on Carnegie to Ruxton. Westbound on Vanderbilt to Aviation Way. ….

Sunday 12-03-17 Route 7: Clark and Harkness, Eastbound Clark to Ripley. North on Felton Westbound on Harriman to Harkness, Eastbound on Huntington to Ripley.

Monday 12-04-17 Route 8: Flagler and Armour, Westbound to Harkness, Spreckels Eastbound to Ripley. Westbound on Havemeyer. Flagler to Spreckels to Harkness, to Morgan and Eastbound to Blossom. Speyer to Harkness to Pull-man. Eastbound on Pullman to Ripley, to MacKay. MacKay onto Belmont Westbound to Harkness.

Tuesday 12-05-17 Route 9: Harper and Palm Northbound to Artesia. Back and forth on Steinhart, Goodman, Stan-ford, Ford, Reed, Herrin, Carver, Wollacott and Axenty.

Wednesday 12-06-17 Route 10: Start at 190th and Pruitt, to Armour Eastbound to Firmona. Westbound on Spreckels to Pruitt. Right to Fisk Eastbound to 190th, then Firmona. Northbound to Alvord. Ralston Westbound to Pruitt. East-bound on 2500-2600 Alvord. Inglewood Ave. to Ralston, and Felton. On185th St, to Pruitt, to 184th Eastbound on 184th across Inglewood to Firmona. To 185th Westbound back to Felton. Northbound to 183rd, Eastbound to Firmona, West-bound to Felton on 182nd Pl, and back Eastbound on 182nd St to Inglewood.

Below please find the Santa Sleigh Schedule for 2017

Thursday 12-07-17 Route 11: Start at 190th and Green, Northbound to Ripley, Southbound on Cluster. 190th to Blos-som, Northbound on Blossom to Havemeyer, Eastbound on Havemeyer to Rindge. Earle and each of the Courts. East-bound on Ripley to Meyer. Left on 190th to Phelan, Northbound on Phelan to Fisk, Westbound to High, Eastbound on Alvord to Lilienthal. Northbound to Ralston. Westbound on Ralston to Meyer, Eastbound on Hill to Lilienthal. Westbound on Ives, Eastbound on Hadley. Lilienthal, Ripley to Marshallfield Westbound to Harkness

Friday 12-08-17 Route 12: Amethyst and Harkness, 190th to Goodman, Westbound on Lomax to Prospect. Right to Van Horne, Eastbound Van Horne to Harkness. Westbound on Armour to Reynolds. The 1600-1700 blocks to Speyer, Harper to Aviation, Steinhart to Belmont, Northbound Goodman to Aviation. Stanford to Belmont Northbound Ford to Aviation.

Saturday 12-09-17 Route 13: Start at RBPD Northbound on Broadway to Catalina, Southbound on Elena to Carnelian. PCH, to Beryl and Francisca. North on Catalina. Southbound on PCH to Diamond. Diamond to N. Gertruda. Northbound on Gertruda to Carnelian to Guadalupe, Southbound to Diamond to Irena. Northbound on Irena to Agate. Right to Juanita, Southbound on Juanita to Del Amo to Lucia. Northbound on Lucia to 190th, Southbound on Maria to Del Amo. Northbound on Paulina to 190th St.

Sunday 12-10-17 Route 14: Start at RBPD, Southbound on Broadway to Torrance Blvd. Eastbound on Torrance to S. Francisca. Northbound to Vincent Park, Southbound on Guadalupe, to Torrance, left to Helberta, Northbound to Vin-cent, to Irena, Southbound to Torrance Blvd., Northbound on Juanita to Vincent. Southbound on S. Lucia to Torrance Blvd.

Monday 12-11-17 Route 15: Start at Broadway and Torrance Blvd. Southbound to Knob Hill, Northbound on Elvira to Sapphire. Turn cross PCH on Sapphire to Knob Hill, to Gertruda. Northbound to Pearl, to Francisca, to PCH. Sapphire, to Helberta to S. Irena, Southbound on S. Irena. Left on Serpentine, to S. Juanita to Camino Real.

Tuesday 12-12-17 Route 16: Start at Pearl / Susanna Southbound to Faye Northbound to Pearl. Southbound Lucia to Rita, Westbound to Juanita, Northbound to Torrance Blvd. Irena Southbound to Judy, Northbound to Pearl. Westbound to Camino Real, Northbound to Miramar. Westbound to Francisca, Northbound to Sierra Vista Eastbound. End Sierra Vista/Camino Real. Note: advise families on Opal & Pearl to meet Santa on Lucia, Juanita, or Irena!

Wednesday 12-13-17 Route 17: Start at Ave G / PV Westbound to PCH, Eastbound on Ave F to PV. Westbound on Ave E, right on Ave D to Southbound Gertruda, to Helberta to Ave D., Southbound on S. Irena (Ave D while going back and forth on Gertruda, Helberta and Irena). PV to Prospect the 1000 block Ave D, then Westbound on Ave C , including 1000 block, Eastbound on Ave B (including 1000 block), then Ave A(1000 block) to PCH. Knob Hill to Camino Real.

Thursday 12-14-17 Route 18: Start at S. Irena and PV Blvd., East to 1400 block, Westbound on Helberta to PV, Eastbound on S. Gertruda to Messina and Circle Drs. Westbound on Ave E to PV, Eastbound on Ave F to Prospect. Westbound Ave G to PV. Southbound on PV to Catalina to Camino de la Costa. Westbound on Paseo de la Playa, Eastbound on Vista del Mar, Northbound along the 1700 Block of Camino de la Costa to Ave I. Left to the Esplanade. DARK N/B Esplanade to Knob Hill. Eastbound on Knob Hill to PCH, Southbound PCH to Avenue A, Westbound to Esplanade. Avenue A to Avenue H, alternating East & West on the Avenues (always S/B PCH and S/B Esplanade). End Route at Avenue H and PCH.

Make up Days: Friday 12/15; Saturday 12/16; and Sunday12/17

Due to the size of Santa’s sleigh, and safety first, Santa will not be stopping on busy streets such as Manhattan Bch Bl, Aviation Bl, Artesia, Grant Av, 190th St, Prospect, PCH, Catalina.

His helpers will pull the sled as near to the curb as possible so he can see each and every one