If you have a little one that loves airplanes as much The Proud Bird by LAXas my kiddo, then you definitely want to check out The Proud Bird by LAX.  They just reopened after a beautiful renovation.  We went for dinner and the food was delicious.  You have many different options to choose from like BBQ, fried chicken and waffles, salads, asian cuisines, pizza and more.  There is something for everyone and greatly priced on average at $10-$13 per dish.   And don’t forget a full bar for those that would like to indulge in an adult beverage or two.  

The Proud Bird by LAX

When you enter the restaurant you are greeted by a hostess and she will hand you your “boarding pass.”  You take your boarding pass to the food station you would like to order from.  They put everything on your boarding pass, then go check out. This casual dining experience is self seating. You fill your own fountain drinks and pick up utensils etc.   Once you grab your food, you can head to the dining area.  Take your pick, inside or outside, either way you will have an awesome view of planes landing at LAX.  This will be a huge win for the little ones.

The Proud Bird by LAXAfter dinner, we went outside for a closer look at the airplanes on display.  The airplanes landing at LAX where flying directly over our heads.  Inside the restaurant, you can walk around and see lots of aviation memorabilia and read many interesting facts about the history of aviation.  

The Proud Bird also has space to rent out for private parties.